5 Things to do after purchasing a home

5 Things to do after purchasing a home

The home buying process can be overwhelming, but also rewarding. In the midst of the transition, how do you know what to do first? What takes priority when you move into a new home? 

Before you move, start thinking about a list of things that need to be done before, during and after the move. This helps with avoiding decision-overwhelm that we all feel when we have so much to do and such little time. We will have so many choices to make that we end up not making any at all, which results in complete chaos. Let’s avoid that!

To help get your ideas flowing for your list, here are 5 things to do post-purchase! 

1. Turn off and Hook up your utilities

Purchasing a home has many moving parts. Oftentimes, it's hard to keep track of the small details that come along with moving. But, those small details are usually the most important! 

You can typically log in to your utilities accounts and schedule a day to turn off your electricity, water and gas. Forgetting to turn off your utilities will result in being responsible for a bill that you weren’t expecting. If you fail to turn off utilities before the new tenant or buyers arrive, you could be responsible for their usage of those utilities! 

Don’t forget to schedule a day for your new house to have utilities turned on! Arriving with movers, family and friends ready to help in a house without electricity or running water will make for a very difficult and stressful time. 

2. Change your address with USPS...and everything else.

If you purchase from Amazon frequently (as most of us do), you’ll want to make sure that your family has a scheduled change of address with USPS, and don’t forget to change it in your Amazon account!

You can schedule the day you want your mail to start forwarding to your new address and you can change it at any time. This will prevent your mail going to your old address once you move, missing important notices and documents that will help your family operate efficiently. 

3. Set a moving budget

No one wants to run out of money or spend more than they expected during a major life change. Setting clear expectations around your budget will help everyone involved to be on the same page, avoiding arguments and ensuring everything is accounted for. 

Setting up an emergency fund in that budget might also be helpful if you’ve experienced going over-budget in the past. 

Price out what you’ll need to move such as, a moving truck, boxes, tape, sharpies, gas, new furniture, fast food (since you won’t have a kitchen), etc. 

Be sure to call around to your local moving companies to compare pricing. One of our favorite resources is Pro Movers Reviews. 

Pro Mover Reviews compares moving companies across the country using a rigorous and proprietary set of standards. eHome, as well as Pro Movers Reviews, know firsthand how stressful the moving process can be without proper preparation or reliable help. That’s why their goal is to keep you informed and help you gear up for your move from start to finish. 

Check them out!

4. Create copies of important documents and store safely

You can never be too careful, especially when you’re moving. Things will get misplaced! Make copies of your very important documents, store in a binder or a locksafe container and keep tabs on where those items transfer to. It would be wise to put that container or documents in your own personal vehicle, so you can know exactly where they are and transfer them personally. 

5. Have helpers ready to organize

It takes a village! You can’t do everything yourself, sometimes help is just needed. 

It will be a great feeling when you walk into your new home with 5 people ready to help open boxes after furniture has been placed in each room and place items where they belong. 

What would normally take an entire week to complete, may end up taking merely a day because you had a team of volunteers who want to come work for free pizza!

Working smarter, not harder is the best way to go!

For more specific information about finances and guidance after purchasing a home, check out our post purchase course located on our website!

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