3 Benefits for Realtors Who Partner with eHome America

3 Benefits for Realtors Who Partner with eHome America

3 Benefits for Realtors Who Partner with eHome America

Trust is a key part of the realtor-client relationship. New homebuyers, especially, need someone who will answer their questions. More than that, they want a guide who will walk with them and point them to good resources.

When you partner with eHome America, we make that easy. We provide an abundance of resources that you can share with your clients. But the partnership benefits don’t end there. Here are three ways eHome America can support your real estate business.

1. Grow Your Reputation

Picking your first real estate agent can be scary. Many first-time homebuyers don’t know what they need in an agent or who to trust. But when you partner with eHome America, you show that you're an agent who genuinely cares for clients.

You get to refer clients to the nation’s premier online homebuyer education program. They get access to follow-up counseling and financing products. Your reputation as a knowledgeable realtor with access to valuable resources will grow. Plus, we'll recommend you to other students as an eHome America partner.

2. Get More Ready, Qualified Buyers

Our students are some of the best-prepared first-time homebuyers you'll ever meet. Our Homebuyer Education course teaches the homebuying process, how to prepare for homeownership, financial management, and even post-purchase tips. Each graduate also works with a housing counselor to create an action plan. 

We send these graduates your way, giving you access to a whole new pool of buyers. They are educated, qualified, and ready to buy. That means you can spend less money on marketing efforts while still working with high-quality clients.

3. Make Transactions Easier and Faster

Transactions are easier, shorter, and more cost-effective when you’re working with eHome America graduates. Their first-time homebuyer certificates give them access to down-payment and closing-cost assistance programs. They also can take advantage of affordable mortgage products. With these tools in hand, clients have the resources they need to get to closing quicker.

Lenders will love working with your clients. More successful transactions mean more time to expand their own businesses. And when the time comes to recommend a real estate agent, yours will likely be one of the first on their tongues!

If you’re ready to fill your client base with educated, motivated homebuyers, we’d love to talk. Check out our Realtors Page to learn more about the benefits we provide. Or contact us now to learn more!

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