5 Benefits for Lenders Who Partner with eHome America

5 Benefits for Lenders Who Partner with eHome America

In today’s housing market, homebuyers have many lenders angling for their attention. It can be challenging to stand out! But what if you could have a steady stream of educated, dependable borrowers? And what if you could make it happen without any massive marketing campaigns?

This is the experience lenders have when they partner with eHome America. Through our online homeowner education courses, we’ve created a whole community of qualified homebuyers. We’re eager to connect them with trusted lenders across the country. And for the lenders who partner with us, there are a whole host of benefits.

1. More Ready, Qualified Buyers

eHome America is the premier provider of web-based education programs for prospective first-time homebuyers. Our courses meet all the homeowner education requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). And we provided one-on-one homeownership counseling to course participants.

When you partner with us, we send these newly educated homebuyers your way. They already understand the mortgage process. They know what it takes to qualify. They have a plan — and you get to help them make it come to life! 

2. Easier, Faster Loan Approvals

We’re connected with over 1,500 down-payment and closing-cost assistance programs. Every homebuyer who takes our Homebuyer Education Course gets access to these programs. And because these homebuyers are familiar with the loans available, you don't have to spend as much time educating them.

With these advantages, the entire loan approval process is easier and faster. That means more time to work with more clients — while reducing your day-to-day stress.

3. Lower Delinquency Rates

Research shows that homebuyers who participate in homeowner education and counseling (HEC) programs are significantly more reliable. One study monitored 75,000 homebuyers for the first two years of their loans. Those who participated in a HEC program were one-third less likely to become 90 days delinquent within those two years.

Our pre- and post-purchase education courses create default-resilient buyers. They have the education to make knowledgeable decisions in the first place. And when financial trouble does hit, they're more likely to understand their options. They know how to resolve default and avoid foreclosure.

4. Get Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Credit

One of the easiest ways to raise your CRA and fair lending ratings is to partner with eHome America. We give you access to an abundance of homebuyers in underserved markets. Many of our students have low or moderate incomes. But because they’ve taken at least one of our courses, they know what it takes to buy a home and succeed as a homeowner.

All of this means it takes less risk to raise your CRA credit. These borrowers are educated, motivated, and have access to tandem financing. It’s a great opportunity for you and them.

5. Increased Customer Satisfaction

When homebuyers are equipped with knowledge and resources, they approach the loan process differently. They carry more confidence. They know what questions they need to ask. They know the financial assistance available to them. And they’re more likely to have a plan for success.

Our courses take the confusion out of the homebuying process. And that means you’ll have a far easier time helping these customers find the best mortgage solution. 

If you’re ready to fill your client base with educated, motivated homebuyers, we’d love to talk. Check out our Lenders Page to learn more about all the benefits we provide. Or contact us now to learn more!

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