Finding Low Income Assistance for Homeownership

Finding Low Income Assistance for Homeownership

Finding Low Income Assistance for Homeownership

You’ve heard all the talk about how buying a house is the biggest financial decision you’ll ever make. But what if you feel as though you can’t afford anything in this very volatile market? 

Will you ever be able to buy a home? 

Over the years, we have spent countless hours working with families who just need some assistance with affording the home they deserve. Finding the right assistance programs for those families and partnering with agencies who seek to help lower income families, is something we’ve loved to do. 

Luckily, there is an abundance of assistance programs regarding homeownership. Here’s a list of our favorites, including the eHome America program assistance tool. 

  1. eHome America Down Payment Resource Center

The down payment resource center is a tool that helps you identify additional down payment assistance programs you qualify for based on your unique demographics and circumstances. You can find this tool here!

If you’ve been discouraged in your home-buying process and find yourself without much cash on hand, call a lender and see what your options are. 


These down payment assistance programs and loan options are available to those who seek them out! Be diligent, prepared and well-educated in the home buying process and programs that might be a good fit for you. 

If you are needing extra guidance in this area, take a look at our Homebuyer Education course, here!

  1. State Specific Programs

One of the next things you should look for is what is available in your home state. Many states offer certain programs that are not available to other parts of the country, so starting local is key. 

If you are living in a state with larger cities and a higher poverty level, there is a significant amount of programs available at your fingertips. Jump on Google and take a look!


The website is a helpful resource for federal government housing assistance.  

You can find different programs and requirements for FHA loans, HUD homes, and homeowner voucher programs. 

  1. Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity connects with owners of homes and lends them to those who are in need of a home. They also are owners of many homes and can lease the home to those who qualify for their programs. 

If you think you can qualify, try applying! Habitat for Humanity specializes in preparing individuals for homeownership as well as maintaining a home and their finances. 

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