eHome America's Partnership with Wells Fargo Housing Philanthropy

eHome America's Partnership with Wells Fargo Housing Philanthropy

Through our business and the Wells Fargo Foundation, we actively support nonprofits working to strengthen the resiliency of our communities and our planet with a focus on activities that strategically align with our funding priorities: housing affordability, financial health, and small business growth.

We drive solutions to enable people to open doors to a safe and affordable place to call home, the foundation for wellness, dignity, and economic opportunity. These efforts align with advancing racial equity to create a future where everyone in the U.S. can have a quality place to live.

Housing Affordability

The American Dream doesn’t seem as close and within reach as it used to. With the increasing need for families to bring in more than one income to survive, it’s a common belief that middle or lower income families will never own a home. 

It’s our desire to bring back the American Dream of homeownership and taking pride in your financial independence. 

With the help of the Well Fargo’s Foundation, we’ve been able to provide financial resources for our clients. These offerings would not be possible without our generous donors.

Wells Fargo finds the most innovative and scalable solutions to increase housing affordability across the U.S. In 2020, the Wells Fargo Foundation gave $2 million grants and two years of technical assistance valued at $500,000 from Enterprise Community Partners, to six different organizations with the intent to promote equity among all residents by anchoring in resources and communities with more affordable housing. 

At eHome America, we increase the chances of someone owning a home by connecting them to the right resources that many are unaware of. 

Down payments are typically a chunk of money that can be hard for some families to provide. Through this partnership we can make this aspect of buying a home much more affordable and doable. 

Financial Health

The Wells Fargo Foundation prioritizes funding to activities and programs that have a broad reach and impact several geographical areas, communities and groups. They also focus on supporting the needs of underserved communities and advancing racial equity, which is a desire and goal that we share. 

By providing additional resources for families and individuals to achieve and understand financial health, we are creating a ripple effect on our overall economy that will be positive. 

Education on how to budget, how to increase your credit, what is credit, saving money, financial planning, retirement planning...this will allow individuals to not only buy a home, but to keep it! 

Small Business Growth

Wells Fargo Foundation is providing a way back to success for small businesses. They are achieving this by donating around $420 million to help small businesses stay open through the Well Fargo’s Open for Business Fund. 

We all want to shop small, but many of those businesses we used to know and love have either closed temporarily or have gone out of business. They want to fund those businesses who ultimately pour back into our communities. 

If your client is a small business owner, we have helpful resources and roadmaps to get them back on their feet and solidify their stability for the future. 

We are excited for this partnership and are so thankful for Wells Fargo’s desire to help small businesses and educate homebuyers about financial wellness. 

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