Down Payment Assistance Solution

Down Payment Assistance Solution

We know how important it is to understand what your down payment will be when thinking about buying a house. 

This is usually one of the first things you do while scrolling through Zillow, you try to find a good down payment assistance calculator so you KNOW what you’re going to pay. 

Well, what’s next? What happens after you figure out how much you’re willing to put down? 

There is one thing most buyers don't take into consideration when trying to figure out how much they can afford--Down payment assistance programs that are available in their area. 

Yes, it depends on where you live. Not all programs are available nationwide. 

eHome America understands that you can easily get caught in the rabbit hole on Google searching and searching for programs and wondering whether those programs even apply to you.

We’ve created our Down Payment Assistance Solution which takes the rabbit hole chasing and questions out of the mix. 

In this unique solution, we ask for the property information, your household information, and any special circumstances that would help us find additional programs for you. 

Did you know there are down payment assistance programs available for over 80% of all homes? And most buyers are unaware of them! 

When buyers go through a program, homebuyers receive an average of over $8,000 in assistance. This can range from down payment assistance, closing cost help, tax credits, grants and more. 

Try eHome’s Down Payment Assistance Solution now to see what programs are available in the area you’re looking to purchase a home. 

Afterwards, sign up for the Homebuyer Education course after selecting your state/county.

Don’t let these funds go to waste, take advantage of them now!

Find Down Payment Assistance Programs 

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